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Tukutuku Toi Kit Mini

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Mini Tukutuku Toi Kit

Tukutuku is a traditional Māori artform used for storytelling. The Tukutuku Toi Kit promotes Māori culture by teaching you to weave your story through tukutuku patterns. 

The Mini Tukutuku Toi Kit is perfect for beginners, tamariki or group activities. The mini was designed from by product of our waste and now we have curated the perfect Taiao colour theme to match. PLEASE NOTE ALL BOARDS ARE NOW BLACK ON ONE SIDE AND PLY ON THE REVERSE SIDE

Tukutuku Toi Kit Mini features: 


  • 1 x Mini Custom Pegboard (8x8 Pegs) 
  • Mini (Coaster size)-110mm x 110mm x 4mm
  • 2 x Coloured Aho Thread: 3m each LUCKY DIP AHO 
  • 1 x Custom Made Pin Tool

3 packs

  • 3 x Mini Custom Pegboard (8x8 Pegs) 
  • Mini (Coaster size)- 110mm x 110mm x 4mm
  • 6 x Coloured Aho Thread: 3m each
  • TAIAO THEME AHO- Maroon, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown, White
  • 1 x Custom Made Pin Tool 

20 packs

  • 20 x Mini Custom Pegboard (8x8 Pegs)
  • 110mm x 110mm x 4mm
  • 40 x Coloured Aho Thread: 3m each
  • 20 x Custom Made Pin Tool

6 x Tukutuku design options are included in all instructions: Niho Taniwha, Poutama, Pātikitiki, Roimatatōroa, Purapurawhetū and Kaokao. 

The Mini Tukutuku Toi Kit is our smallest kit and takes a couple hours to complete. A product suggested for our tamariki that is now used in classrooms, organisations, personal development and as a well-being tool. Perfect size to have a go before going up a size or two.

Please note, like traditional materials our Aho may vary to the label or photos. Feel free to message us to confirm current colour tones of our Aho. 

We encourage you all to share your mahi tukutuku by tagging us #WhatuCreative @WhatuCreative