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Tukutuku Toi Kit A3 Natural

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Colour Theme

Tukutuku Toi Kit A3 Natural Ply

Whatu Creative presents the NEW and improved Tukutuku Toi Kit.

Tukutuku is a traditional Māori artform used for storytelling. The Tukutuku Toi Kit promotes Māori culture by teaching you te weave your story through tukutuku patterns. The Tukutuku Toi Kit A3 Natural Ply comes in 5 aho colour themes and feature:

  • 1 x Custom Natural Ply Pegboard: 297 mm x 420 mm x 4mm
  • 3 x Coloured Aho Thread: 20m each
  • 1 x Custom Made Pin Tool with Whiri Keyring
  • 3 x Tukutuku design options included in instructions: Niho Taniwha, Poutama and Pātikitiki. All previous patterns will be available on our website.

  • The Tukutuku Toi Kit A3 Natural Ply is our largest kit and takes as quickly as a few days for those who can't stop! Or up to a few weeks to complete working around your busy life schedule. We have made colour themes inspired be Te Taiao, our environment. We have incorporated three patterns in every Tukutuku Toi Kit to help you create a story through mahi tukutuku. All materials have been trialled and tested and we guarantee the best quality to make your very own contemporary tukutuku.

    Please note, like traditional materials our Aho may vary to the label or photos. Feel free to message us to confirm current colour tones of our Aho. 

    We encourage you all to share your mahi tukutuku by tagging us #WhatuCreative @WhatuCreative